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Not sure what skates you should buy?

Please visit our page on skate sizing.

If you need additional help choosing a size, please email us at for an online skate fitting/consultation before making a purchase.

First we'll figure out your skate size and then find an appropriate skate for your style of skating.  

When you email us please answer the questions below.

Our standard sizing questions

Answer the following questions to help us give you the best advice:

  1. What is your foot measurement in CM (for both feet, length and width) ?
  2. Are you planing to use any special insoles in the boot ?
  3. What kind of socks do you usually wear?
  4. What other skates do you have now or had before, what sizes are they and how do they fit you ?
  5. How tight do you like your skates (comfort or performance fit) ?
  6. When skates are too tight, is it more of a length or width issue ?

Please get in touch!