THEM Skates and Brain Dead Studios join forces to create the greatest collab skate of all time. The classic 909 silhouette revamped in a beautiful blue-white marble, paired with navy soulplates and frames, these aggressive skates are total neck-breakers.


FR1 84

The perfect city skate. The FR1 84 provides a supportive and durable hard shell boot with a comfortable liner and shock absorber. Paired with a sturdy aluminum frame, top of the line hardware, and 84mm Urban Speed wheels, these skates are ready for anything you can throw at ‘em.



The Seba Trix’s innovative Y-cuff design allows for more freedom in the ankle while still providing enough support for the city. The 90mm wheels allow you to reach higher speeds while still being stable and maneuverable. Whether you’re weaving obstacles in the city, or cruising down the waterfront trail, these skates will be right there with you.


The Seba High Light is the skate of choice for the city. The High Light boasts a supportive, form-fitting upper and rigid cuff; equipped with 90mm wheels and ILQ9 bearings, these skates are certified Road Rippers.

E3 80

The Seba E3 provides an amazing skating experience without breaking the bank. The solid hardboot construction paired with a sturdy aluminum frame makes these skates perfect for anyone: beginner, intermediate, or advanced!

What's the hardest part about rollerblading?

Finding a good skate shop, but don't worry we've got you covered. In fact we were voted Best Brick and Mortar Skate Shop of the Year in the 2020 Big Wheel Blading Awards.

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We love rollerblading.

Our stores are run by a group of experienced skaters. Most of us come from an aggressive skating background, but over the years we have all developed an increased understanding and appreciation for other styles of skating. Each of our employee's experiences with skating are unique and so is the knowledge they share.

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The staff are super friendly and helpful, and really approachable. They take the time to support their customers by going above and beyond. And the products sold are very high quality. Would recommend!
— Andrew
Best rollerblade store in Canada, no question!
— Guillaume
Sale associates are extremely helpful and knowledgeable here! They were very patient with our questions and helped us found exactly what we were looking for. If you're searching for a good place to buy your next pair of skates, look no further, Shop Task is the one!
— Niloofar
Solid team! Patient, Understanding, and not only willing to help but they also provide educative information on blading! I appreciate there service. Thank you!
— Ezra
Great staff, friendly and knowledgeable, I'm glad I choose this shop for my daughter's first rollerblades.
— Eduardo
A great little shop with SO much knowledge. Really good service to go along with that experience too. Definitely will be buying my next pair of skates there!
— Derek
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