We offer the best in store selection of inline skates and accessories. We specialize in quality equipment that will give you a great skating experience.  Our employees are active skaters and we are here to help you with all your skating needs.
We sell almost everything that is featured on our website.  If there is something online that we don't have in store we can do the fitting and ordering in store.  Then the item will transferred to your local shop or shipped directly to your house.
Yes we fix skates!  We can replace your old wheels, bearings and brake pads.  If something is missing or broken then we can almost always fix it.  No matter how old your skates are we can get them rolling again.
$30 / Day
Day rentals are to be returned the following day by closing time.
Must be 18 years of age or accompanied by legal guardian.
Skate rentals include helmet, wrist guards, elbow and knee pads.  
**Credit card or $100 deposit required 
We offer personal and group lessons for beginners and advanced skaters. We work with Alien inline Skate School and all our instructors are certified by SkateIA (Skate Instructor Association).
Two types of lessons are available:  

Drop in lessons
Are designed for a skater with limited experience who wants to learn the basic skating and safety skill. Topics covered are basic stride, gliding, heal brake stop, grass rolls and proper falling technique. Helmet, wrist, knee, elbow protection required.   

$20/h (individual) 
**Skate rentals, helmet and pads included (subject to availability)
For time and location please contact you local Shop Task store. 
Personal lessons
Designed for a true beginner or someone looking to add specific skills to their inline skating tool box. Personal lessons can be arranged at preferred times and locations.

$50/h (individual) 
$40/h per person (2 - 4 people)
**Skate rentals, helmet and pads included (subject to availability)
For meet ups and events please contact you local Shop Task store.