Why do you Skate on Big Wheels? Shop Task Toronto's Zachary Ruiz Explains his Setup

"Why do you skate on big wheels?" I get this question a lot when I cruise around the city on my 100mm wheels.

Most entry-level skates  come with 80mm or 90mm wheels depending on what you're looking for. It can be an odd sight seeing someone skating in bigger wheels wheels in the city as most skates generally come with a smaller wheel

In my experience smaller wheels accelerate fast but have a low top speed. They  are more agile compared to bigger wheels which are less agile. They accelerate slow but have have a higher top speed.

April 09, 2019 by Zachary Xavier Ruiz

The Wizard of Wall Street VOD

If you watched the above trailer, your next step is to head over to https://sellfy.com/p/gNgl/ and get your hands a must have piece of inline skating media. The Wizard of Wall Street is a 10 minute feature that will have you re evaluating the relationship you have with your skates and how you use them to interact with the world around you.  Filmed by Mike Torres during a month long trip to New York City, The Wizard of Wall Street allows Shop-Task owner Leon Basin to provide you with his own unique view from the street. Watch as he finds control amongst the chaos that is the city that never sleeps. Leon Basin is a wizard and you are about to be put under his spell.

January 08, 2016 by Erik Burrow

WSX - Millenium Skatepark, Calgary

What makes you happy? Better yet, what makes you smile? If you are anything like me, the combination of friendly competition, inline skating and beautiful weather seem to always do the trick! 

August 06, 2014 by Erik Burrow

People & Skates #2 - Laurie and her FR2's

Today I had the pleasure of meeting Laurie at our Toronto shop.  Laurie was celebrating her 45th birthday by treating herself to some new inlines skates.  Throughout her twenty years of skating, her favourite pair of skates had always been her Rollerblade Aeroblade's, which were her second pair of skates.  Since those skates, she got away from the plastic boot with smaller wheels and into a softer boot with bigger 90mm wheels.  She never quite got comfortable on her newer skates and admits to leaving them in the closet for extended periods of time because they were't fun to skate on.  She missed the experience she had before and wanted to get a skate that would feel similar to her Aeroblades, if not better.

People & Skates #1 - Judith and her FR2's

Judith reached out to us about a week ago, she was looking for a specific experience on inline skates.  Judith has been figure skating all her life and she wanted to get the same feel, control, and almost edge quality, as her figure skates. She had already done a bit of research and knew she needed a rockered wheel setup, her concerns seemed more with getting the proper boot in the right size.  With some women having pretty small feet, it can be difficult to find a skate that fits right. Luckily for Judith, and all the other women out there with smaller feet, we can accommodate those sizes too.

March 28, 2014 by AJ DeLong

Roll Across Ontario's James Carson visits Shop-Task

What happens when a love of rollerblading is so strong it leads someone use it as a means to raise funding and awareness for a cause they deeply care about? In our case it means scheduling a meeting with James Carson from Roll Across Ontario 2014 in order to set him up with a pair of inline skates that will accompany him on his 2215km skate across Ontario in support of the mission of The Canadian Cancer Society...

March 24, 2014 by Erik Burrow